US whistle 1964

This is a US Army 1964 whistle. How was it used? For drills only? Was it used to start an artillery barrage (in which case it is an air “ammo” akin to primer)? Was it classified as a musical instrument or else?

Looks like a standard military police whistle to me. Of course, dog handlers may have had them also (they are often MP anyway), and I guess they could be used for any purpose a whistle is ever used for, right down to intra-mural (military) sports competitions. We had a couple pretty much like this, except olive drab, kicking around the MP Crime Lab I was assigned to for awhile, in the Reserve. Don’t know why. We never wore any military police paraphenalia other than the normal Branch brass on our collars. Never even saw any MP armbands in our unit, although there might have been some in supply. We had no MP patrol function. Only investigative. I didn’t even have that - I was the admin specialist, not an MP MOS.

Just let it be known, SHORE PATROL didn’t need no stinkin’ whistles!

Was issued a 1911A1 in Rosie Roads, tho. Tough town.

By the time I came along the whistles were green, plastic and lanyarded to everything! They were on life jackets, issued with small arms and even in the SP bundles we got (arm band, night stick and whistle)! The lanyards were braided nylon or cotton, green in color.

Never quite figured why they gave you 10 rds of ammo, a M1911A1 and a whistle! Reckon after you shot 10 times you could blow the whistle for more ammo?

They never gave ME a whistle. Just a stick.

Likewise. But even the stick was not really necessary. No sailor worth his salt would use a club on one of his inebriated shipmates.


Never did more than point them in the direction of the ship. But then, I was 6th Fleet. A cultured lot.