Usable .30-40 Krag?


Just got myself a Krag rifle and want to use the little beaut. This is not a reloading question, but there are some shootability elements here. I went through my dupes and found about 20 relatively modern rounds. I would like to know if they have any worth beyond turning into reloading brass. Should they be saved for you, my fellow collectors, or used for their intended purpose?

  1. Silver-tip SP, nk pr; SUPER-X 30-40 KRAG
  2. GM-RNSP, nk pr; PETERS .30 U.S.G.
  3. GM-RNSP, nk pr; 30 KRAG S A CORP
  4. GM-JHP, nk pr; 30 USA (at 6:00)
  5. CN-RNSP, brs pr; W.R.A.CO. 30 U.S.G.




The Amazing Randy would be the guy to answer your question. I am hoping he will say that it’s OK to use up those cartridges because that’s exactly what I did a few years ago. I did keep a couple of each headstamp and bullet style, just in case. I had a bunch of original FA cases from the early 1900s that I also used and they worked just fine considering they are 100 years old.

The Krag is really a nice rifle to shoot. Smooth action, mild recoil. My son now has mine and I keep looking for an excuse to get it back from him.



Just remember that some may have corrosive primers, and they will destroy your rifle’s barrel in a few days if not cleaned IMMEDIATELY and properly.

Frankly, it would be a wise move to just spring for the $20 for a box of new ammo and not risk any problems.


If memory serves me correctly, SUPER-X was used until the early to mid 60s; PETERS, around 1960; SA, until 1963ish; 30 USA (REM-UMC?) without hypens, 1920 to 1930, with hyphens, 1912 to 1957; WRA Co. USG from 1894 to early 1942ish. ‘USG’ was used concurrently with ‘ARMY’ by WRA Co. The brass primer is pre-Staynless, ca. 1928. I do not have all of my reference books anymore. Please correct if I am wrong. From following auction sites, I gather that these are probably $2.00 to $3.00 cartridges.



All you mention with exception of W.R.A.Co. .30 U.S.G. are NON-corrosively primed and are relatively common, so I would say shoot away. The early W.R.A.Co. rounds with .30 U.S.G. headstamp were made from 1893 to 1911 and I would suggest saving them for collectors.

The rounds with 30 U.S.A. or 30 U S A at 6 o’clock are Sears-Roebuck cartridges made for them by Western Cartridge Company.