USAF 5.56 dummy cartridges?

I just watched a video of the new U.S. Air Force rifle training course. Part of the training is to mix dummy cartridges in the magazine of live rounds so the trainee has to practice clearing the weapon. In the video, one can see a 5.56 dummy cartridge on the ground with empty 5.56 casings. There is no primer and the “bullet” is orange, short, round-nosed and plastic in appearance. Is this an issue cartridge with an “M” number, or possibly something locally sourced?


There are SA 7.62mm cartridges that look like that but i can’t say if the 5.56mm is from there.


Like these?

I know these (40 S&W) are used by at least one state police force here in Australia.

I think I have one of those somewhere, but I’ll have to find it. They were made by a commercial manufacturer and purchased as a COTS item, but I don’t remember the name. I think they were solid orange plastic with a brass head, but it’s been a long time since I saw it. USAF may be using something else by now, as my experience goes back to about 6 years or so ago. Any source link on the video? - I’d like to see it, as I spent a lot of time on Lackland’s ranges (I assume that is the setting).

Here it is:

no headstamp, just an empty psedo-primer pocket

Google the USAF new rifle training course and you will get a youtube video. I think the footage is from Mountain Home air base. The dummy has a full size, regular 5.56 case with jut the “bullet” being orange plastic. Much like the Staction pro in the above link.