USAF "AMMO" Medallion

I ran across the ammo medallion below that was given to me about 25 years ago when I had a munitions unit reporting to me. It is among my treasured keepsakes. I thought some of you may enjoy seeing it.

image image

These guys had a great saying they would share with you in a heartbeat; “Without Ammo the USAF is just an unscheduled airline!”

If you want to know what the initials mean you will have to ask Taber10 here on the Forum!



That is awesome!


IYAAYAS is copied from the U.S. Navy Aviation Ordnance rating saying, abbreviated IYAOYAS.

“If You Ain’t [Ordnance/Ammo] You Ain’t Sh!t.”

(Of course that was back before the services became politically correct and stopped using bad language so as to not offend anyone while preparing huge bombs to kill people.)

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