USB Flash drive

A keychain for the busy business man (or cartridge collector) to forget he has in his pocked as he heads for his flight.

Why would he have it in his pocket ?..It is a 1Gb

That is pretty neat Pepper! Being in the aviation business, that would never get past security. Would be a shame to lose your entire collection that way.

That is so cool! Especialy since it comes from GD-OTS!!! Much nicer then the 2nd one pictured. I can see a major problem at the airport nowadays with it.


That cartridge would make the TSA go crazy. They would think that not only is it some form of ammunition, but that the computer plug was some sort of explosive mechanism. When Cal Bothin came out one year to our California Show to run our auction for us, he was wearing a beautiful tie pin of a miniature Colt Single Action Army revolver. Even the cylinder went around. However, next to this tie fixture, a 2.7 Kolibri round would have looked like a cartridge way to big for the gun. They not only would not allow him to wear it on the plane, but they made him put it in checked baggage. That is not “security.” It is something called “ignorance” or “paranoia.”

I sure like that cartridge Pepper, I guess because it is only two days ago, after having a computer for 15 years, that I learned anything about these. A friend of mine was showing me how to dump pictures from my new digital camera into the computer. I really didn’t understand it, but thankfully, my wife did.

Well, got to go catch the stagecoach to Dodge City.


I just had a conversation with a gentleman who is TSA and works out of Sacramento Int’l and I asked him about the flash drives. He said that (in general) TSA should not have a problem with the above pictured flash drives as long as the one who has it advises them ahead of time and the devise is pulled apart to reveal the flash drive plug.

But then again, why risk the chance of being forced to give up the flash drive and having it get tossed in the junk bucket to be destroyed later?