USC Co. 380 CAPH


I got this round in a huge pile-up of ammo with a headstamp REM-UMC 380 CAPH, which, I think, stands for “Colt Automatic Pistol Hammerless”. The only reference I have says it is super rare. Why?


Well, I’m no expert on pistol rounds, but I’ve had full boxes of the U.S.C.Co ammo shown in this photo and the REM-UMC, both with 380 CAPH headstamps, so I doubt these are “super rare” unless there is some other detail such as the primer cup material, bullet type, etc. which makes some variation extraordinarily unusual. Perhaps the pistol ammo specialists can shed some light on this? The alternative explanation is I lucked into something very rare and sold it for a song or gave it away. I rather hope that is not the case!



Vlad–What source did you use that claimed this was “super rare”? While “CAPH” rounds in general are more desirable than just “ACP” rounds, I would not consider any of them “rare”.


I am afraid that your source that says this is a rare round is simply wrong. This is a very common .380 auto cartridge. I have six variations of U.S.C.o. .380 in my own collection, and I doubt that I have them all. I have FMJ and SP with the brass “US” intertwined primer; FMJ and SP with a palin copper primer; FMJ with a tinned bullet and nickel primer and purple primer seal (looks almost brown in some light); and FMJ with a GM bullet and nickel primer with purple primer seal. All have the “380 CAPH” designation on the headstamp.

Ron: I have never seen a U.S.C.Co. .380 that says only A.C.P. Do you actually have this headstamp? All I have ever seen say “CAPH” regardless of the cartridge variation.


John–You are right. All my U.S.C.Co. .380’s use CAPH also.
My statement was meant to mean that the use of CAPH on the headstamp in general, regardless of the brand might be slightly more desirable than rounds of any brand with ACP or AUTO, but none of them were “rare” to my knowledge.


Sorry for a false alarm, my mistake. I never saw such an abbreviation. I did a general Yahoo search for 380 CAPH and a red ammo box came up claiming to be super rare. Maybe the reference was to the box. My apologies.