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Hi to all I am new to this site, I had a look through last night and enjoyed the read and the information that the people here have. I was referred to this site by a collector on the 24hr campfire forum. This was after I was looking for Info on a packet of 303 Savage Manufactured by USC Co.
Unfortunately my comments on the auction Q section got me Blacklisted without any discussion.
So could anybody give me production dates just so I may become better informed
I will try to paste a photo of the Packet

As you may see my main interest is in savage Ammo
But I do have a big collection of run of the mill ammo and Catalogs

Well, let me be the 1st to welcome you to the IAA and its forum. Although I can not help you with your SAVAGE questions I am sure someone here will be able to provide you with the information you are looking for. I recently discovered the IAA in 2006 and no lie, have met the most amazing and knowlegible people in all aspects of ammunition. Their are some extreme experts here in many areas of the scope of ammunition from small arms ammunition to big ordnance.


Thanks for the welcome
I think I may have posted a to hard basket “Q” as I don’t seem to be getting any replies

I can’t be of much help.

The .303 Savage is listed in the 1914 USC Co catalogue with soft point and full metal jacket bullets, smokeless powder and packed 20 to the box.

Do you have a larger picture of the box as it’s hard to make out any detail.

Give it a little time. Someone will figure it out :-)


I would say 1935 or so would be fairly accurate…Randy

The reference to “self-cleaning” (non-corrosive priming) indicates manufacture after about 1927. JG

Well I would just like to say welcome to another New Zealander :)
One of our fellow countrymen has also started using the forum is the last couple of days and goes by the username of ranger888. He is based in Auckland and may be able to help with any USCco questions. You should send him a PM

Based on the New York address, it should have been made between 1926 (or 1927 per JG) and 1935. Winchester bought USC Co in 1926, shortly after which the company address was changed from Lowell, Mass to New York. They continued producing the USC Co line of ammunition until around 1935.

Just starting to collect USC co headstamps what is the time lines as the headstamps begin to change? Vic

Thanks Gentlemen
that ties in with the info i had, still don’t understand why I got blacklisted from an auction by telling the seller this. It didn’t sell so he has relisted it
Cheers … 545088.htm

Considering that the seller still describes it as dating from the 1890s, I would assume he had you blacklisted because your information conficted with his.