USC Co sample cartridge set


Has anyone here seen one of these cased sets of sample cartridges before? I have been told that it dates from 1920.



I have not seen this particular one. But have seen others like this. The shotshell samples are more common but they too are scarce. Would love to own it. Are these dummies with drilled primers? Very nice item. Thanks for sharing. Gary Muckel


Beautiful cartridge set Guy! I think any one of us here would be happy to own that sample set!

Thanks for the photos!



This set is no later than 1920 or perhaps earlier. It contains the 7.65mm Luger but not the 9mm Luger cartridge which USCCO added to their product line shortly after WWI.

Congratulations. Lots of people would like to have a chance to own this if it were available. You may consider an auction if you plan to part with it.



Are the cartridges permanently affixed to the sample case? Thanks


I have a picture of an identical set, but the cartridges display is looking on the opposite direction.



Really nice set there. I have very limited USCCo info, but both the item you show and the one Fede posted a picture of label the .30 Remington as “30-30 Rem. Auto.”. It is possible the case predates the cartridges included, but the 1917 catalog lists that round as .30 Remington Auto-Loading. Perhaps others could dial in on the transition in nomenclature for that one to better date your sample set.



Guy’s sample set and Fede’s were made between 1910 to 1916 when US Cartridge co listed the 30-30 Rem Auto. .


Not easy to date, but note that the soft point loadings in 7.63 mm Mauser and 7.65 mm Parabellum were first listed in the 1917 catalog.


I agree with Fede, the August 1916 catalog does not list either the 7.65 mauser or Luger with sp bullet. The April 1917 catalog does but it also changed the name of the 30-30 Remington Auto. 1917 also seems to be a major rebranding of the US logo from the previousy used “shield logo” and may have been a major advertising time period start, Many introductions after 1917 refer to additions to the C61 catalog of 1917.


They appear to be live cartridges, which seems a little odd. I don’t own this but am considering the purchase.