USC Storage Boxes

The US Cartridge Co used obsolete cartridge boxes for storage of assorted parts and draw pieces. Here are several of these boxes with their content. All are two piece split boxes with the Lowel, Mass address.
280 ross box 280 ross box side 280 ross draw
280 Ross FMJ bullet draw pieces.

45 60 box

45 60 box side 45 60
45-60 draw pieces

56 56 box 56 56 box side 56 56 draw
58-56 Spencer draw pieces.

56 46 box 56-46 box side
56 46 draw
56-46 Spencer draws Raised “US”

I’m sure there must be many other of these storage boxes out there. What ones do you have?



Were these not actually used by WRA? It seems unlikely to me that USC actually manufactured the .280 Ross cartridge. Jack

I have one so headstamped.

I have heard these were also used by WRA. These boxes reportedly come from a Winchester employee, at least that’s the story I was told when I got them. Winchester acquired the assets USC Co. in 1926 the same date that is seen on the box containing the 280 Ross draw pieces. The raised “US” headstamped Spencer draw piece is definately USC Co. probably from 1900 or earlier. Earlier I posted a 38 SPL draw set form a USC Co box. it was dated 1924 which is before Winchester purchased USC Co.


Rich: Thanks for the info. I thought I recalled the story about WRA using these boxes (noting the 1926 date inked on the .280 box) and then began to wonder if USC had even made that caliber; now I know. Bet they didn’t sell a bunch. Jacj

The story I also had was WRACo samples were in these boxes.
That there was a carryover in manufacture by WRACo of US product it is not surprising to see US marked items in these boxes.
I have photos & will add later as something is wrong at the moment.
photos & inner contents is the blue box. Red is MT
sides inside blue

Pete, thanks for posting the photos.