Use of sabots

While at cartridge meeting here in NZ the subject of sabots came up, .22 Accelerators etc, are these loads illegal in some states of the US, mainly because the bullet is untraceable? CHEERS

Remington used to load the 30-06, 7.62x51 [308] and the 30-30. You can still buy sabots for reloading in various cal.



Rem Accellerator cartridges are legal in all States as far as I know. Also, there are no laws and/or regulations requiring bullets to be made “traceable”. There is political talk every year of enacting such laws but none have gotten very far as yet. As Steve said, sabots are available in many calibers and are especially popular with black powder shooters.

How do rumors like this get started??


Possibly these rumours started simply because the .308 Accelerator loading disappeared from Remington’s catalogue.

On some web sites SLAP and accelerator rounds are thought to be the same thing.

I also think because production, sales and actually use are quite low of Remington accelerator cartridges that they stay beneath the radar of most uniformed law makers.


You can still find plenty of boxes Remington Accelerator rounds on the net.


This statement is straight from Remington.

"Remington still produces Accelerator ammuniton for both the .30-30 Win. and .30-06 Spfd. calibers. Your local Remington dealer should be able to order it for you if they are out of stock or do not regularly carry the product".


Ebay has gobs of sabot supplies for reloaders in a few different calibers. Some are pretty wild looking.