Useful ammunition books

Here are a couple of books I’d like to recommend.


Two great books! And both have been very useful to me, even outside the calibers in the titles.


I like your PMP board, flying the South African flag high…


I dont collect 30-06 but the .450 book is the Must have “Bible” for these revolver cartridges.
and beautifuly illustrated.

Jim Buchanan

Both books are exceptional works, well researched, well written and well illustrated. Both are testaments to the hard work, effort and dedication to research and writing shown by Chris.


Am I correct in that the 30-06 book has an EM2 Rifle on the cover, I never new they chambered them in 30-06.



Thanks for visiting on your grand tour through the Great White North. I hope your trusty Hyundai dog sled team got you back to more temperate climatic zones.

In case your photograph leads some people to think that my “30-06” book has been reprinted, I should point out that it remains out of print with no chance of a 2nd print run. However, the original manuscript has been professionally scanned with the result being fully text-searchable with images in many case clearer than in the original print run. It is my intention to have the PDF placed on the IAA website members-only section when our overworked website team have a chance to upgrade the security and password management. Your patience is appreciated.

Chris P.

PS: Richard - yes they made one EM2 in 30-06 by quite crudely cutting through the action and magazine and welding-in short pieces of steel. I took the picture myself after fondling the weapon at the UK Patent Room when it was in Nottingham under the curatorship of the late, much-missed, Herbie Woodend.

The usefulness of Chris’ “30-06” book cannot be overstated.

I must add that Chris bears responsibility for the SUPERB! IAA Journal, as editor for longer than anyone else.

THANK YOU for all!

I can not find the button for the “members-only” section on the homepage.
Any chance to put it where people actually can find it without a lengthy search?

There is no button, check your latest copy of the journal (usually on page 3) for the pass word and the web address.

Pete, thanks!
But why no button?

I tried the given path and got this:
Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Here’s a link to the page Alex

As to the why of no button. I’m not a techie so I can only guess security.

We have spent a LOT of money getting the Labbett, Edwards papers scanned & severl members are spending time getting them to be searchable. part of our federal tax code obligation is to provide education to our membership. So that may be another reason why no button & another pass word.

Thanks for your hospitality and especially for picking me up at Base Borden Museum, without that I’d still be looking for your house. Anyone who visited you would understand what I mean. I did see the entire museum collection including the WWI original British hanger with Air Force artifacts. I am in St. Catharines right now meeting a much younger collector. Anyone wants to guess who that is?

Pete, thanks again, strange, your link works!

Chris, you say you kindly have provided the digital version for the IAA database?
This is very generous!
Also it comes in handy as I prefer digital since I can not carry all books when I am travelling (having the original too).
Looking forward to the book being uploaded here.

Chris, Great Books ! And a great Journal !!!
Thanks for all your hard work!

I said I planned to provide the digital version to the members-only section of the website when the issues with security and password management have been resolved. I will post a notice on this forum when that happens.

Thanks for your interest.
Chris P.

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Chris, that I understood. I already needed a password to get into the section.

To be sure Alex you did find the password in the journal?

Pete, yes!