Using Cyrillic characters in posts


Several of you have used Cyrillic characters in your posts. When I’ve tried to insert these in some of my own posts, they come up as nonsensical ASCII code.

How are you doing this?

Bolshoye Spasibo!



TEST : тест фыбюжэъзщшйц


May I also answer not being Russian?

Go to windows language settings and enable Russian, in XP you should have that little blue square with white letters “EN” in as your standard setting. When you click on it it p


My problem was the keyboard switch (Alt-LeftShift) works fine for eMail, etc., but not in the phpBB and similar environments. Doing the WinBLOWS dance fixed that.

Ещё спасибо!





The Mozilla Firefox browser a very usefull free cyrillic transcripter. You can download from here:



That transliteration application is very interesting; thanks, Vince!