USN 1990s 60mm ET CIWS


Does anyone know what ammo this fired?


At first that Israeli 60mm came to my mind but watching the video I can not see any fired cases being ejected.
Is this one maybe caseless?



That one is “caseless” as EOD suggests and uses non-conventional propellant and ignition. Check out this report:

I think the propellant is pumped in and then a high energy igniter sets it off.



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Damned unsporting that - gives us chaps nothing to collect!


See in the credits the youtube video is put on by John Morris, a member of the IAA & shows up at SLICS.
He might also able to give you more info Tony.


John Morris, the editor of the film, is well-known in the cartridge world and a regular at SLICS.


Gentlemen, very interesting to hear. In case anybody is going to proceed this story and comes to more results and info it would be great to hear about here.


Does anyone know John well enough to ask him to contribute to the discussion?


The U.S. Navy experimented with a 60 x 525 mm Semi-Caseless Round but I don’t know if it’s the same used in this gun.

EDIT: No, its is not. The one I mention was tested in 1983.


Fede, do you have any more info on this one? Maybe images?


Hello Alex,

I can only add that case head is made of steel with a groove to be used with some sort of clip. No picture, sorry.


John Lives in Springfield Va. Call him and ask. He is not in the current IAA membership list but likely in the telephone general directory. He does business as Springfield Arsenal.