USS Alabama Battleship


Last week I visit the USS Alabama memorial park at Mobile,Alabama
Hope you like the pict’s with BIG Cannon’s and BIG Ammo


Wow, magnificent! Thank you very much for posting that beauty!
Is the artilery pieces on pics 6 & 7 40mm Bofors or I’m wrong?


I don’t know much about all that big stuff, but I do know you are correct on those 40mm Bofors quad mounts.
Harrie, those 16 inchers actually make you look small!


You always take and post the best museum and show pictures! Thank you so much. I used to have a mint 20mm / 40mm gun sight like the one in your photographs with its case and all manuals. I sent it to the Normandy WW2 Museum.

Those 16inch shells and barrels are just incredible. I’d love to have a barrel slice from one :-)