USS Eisenhower July 18 2021 homecoming

So now I can tell you why I am hanging out in Norfolk, VA. My Navy daughter was on a CVN 69 deployment, I think the oldest aircraft carrier in the USN. Today I participated in a carrier homecoming, for the first time. The ammo connection is that I also saw the use of line throwing ammo for the first time. They shot a thin orange line to the shore, which was connected to the thick mooring line.


Congratulations Vlad! :+1:

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“Bravo Zulu” Navy Dad! Who is the other young lady? Little sister?

Watched some line throwing using M-14 rifles while aboard the USS Mobile, LKA-115 back in 1990-1991. Interesting to watch the process and I managed to grab a fired 7.62x51mm line throwing cartridge and keep it long enough to examine it and the headstamp. Pretty normal M-64 with a typical Lake City headstamp. Wish I could remember the date…

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Yes, little sis, she is in USAF.


Double Congrats!

And, how very cool the event must have been for you!!

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Very nerve wrecking, first I could not tell anyone where/when I was going to do what, then I prepared to an overcrowded event but at the end it was hot’n’humid but better than my expectations.


Congrats Vlad…thank them for their service.

Here’s a couple items I was gifted from visiting ships with sports related trips

I (a small group) have been afforded 3 arrested landings and 2 “cat” launches…a one in a “life’s moment” for a civilian.

Afforded crazy access !!!

(me left)

Go Navy !!!


Very cool mementos Pepper. My father, a retired naval officer, got a cat launch and trap in a C-2 Greyhound “COD”. He was gifted the aircraft-half of the catapult-aircraft connector as a souvenir. Truly one of his most memorable life experiences.