USS Kidd (DD-661) Baton-Rouge

Name: Kidd
Namesake: Isaac C. Kidd
Builder: Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, Kearny, New Jersey
Laid down: 16 October 1942
Launched: 28 February 1943
Sponsored by: Mrs. Isaac C. Kidd
Commissioned: 23 April 1943
Decommissioned: 10 December 1946
Recommissioned: 28 March 1951
Decommissioned: 19 June 1964
Struck: 1 December 1974
Nickname: Pirate of the Pacific
Honours and
awards: 12 Battle Stars
Status: Museum ship in Baton Rouge,

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Nice! I have seen it from the I-10 Bridge, but even as a native, I’ve never been there. I joined the service in Louisiana in 1974…

Shock trials of the second USS Kid DDG993, Fall of 1981, off Key West. Kirk Gardner and I are in the helo hangar on board. The photo was taken by PH2 Jay Mackintosh or PH1 Greg Toone, I can’t remember which. The charge is 40,000 pounds of RDX. The scanner added that vertical line. This was my first really big assignment with the Atlantic Fleet Audio Visual Command. The Kidd Class consisted of four ships ordered for the Shah of Iran, but after circumstances made delivery impossible, Uncle Ronnie procured them for the US Fleet. The Kidds consisted of the Spruance class hull and propulsion topped with the armament and radar of the Virginia class nuclear powered cruiser. As they were built for service in the Persian Gulf, the were equipped with high powered air conditioning and oversized evaps (for fresh water). I don’t think the USN has ever purpose built ships that way. This ship now serves in the Taiwanese Navy, and, I believe, a third USS Kidd has been commissioned.

It’s been close to 25 years since I visited the Kidd at Baton Rouge. From the pictures, it appears that the restoration has progressed substantially, as its general condition as I remember from that time was much worse. There was also a museum on the riverbank that was quite interesting, as much of its display was memorabilia concerning General Claire Chenault of Flying Tiger fame (who, I believe, was a Baton Rouge native). There was a P-40 hanging from the ceiling. If anyone remembers the “Sons of Guns” TV series of a few years ago, one of its episodes concerned the Kidd.

I sort of remember that the Kidd had been provided to the Turkish(?) Navy for awhile, and when they were through with it, it was sent to Baton Rouge, and was in horrible condition when it arrived. Several compartments had received no restoration and were really foul.