"USS Lexington" Aircraft Carrier, Corpus Christi , Texas

Last week I visit the USS Lexington at Corpus Christi , Texas
and I like to show you all some pict of this 33.000 ton Aircraft Carrier.

Nice, Harrie. Torpedo heaven for torpedo lovers.

Harrie - great pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us. It probably made your visit more pleasant - it sure would for me - but it never-the-less distresses me to see the ship virtually empty of visitors except for you and yours. A little sad that this great ship that served our great Navy personnel, and the rest of us, for so many years, was not better attended.

Well, it had a least one distinguished visitor that day - you, Harrie, our dear friend.

Great photos of the Blue Ghost !

They have taken some liberties with the ships armament in an effort, I assume, to show vistors different guns even though they were not part of the Lexington’s batteries. Virtually all of the Lexington’s guns were removed as part of post-WWII modernization overhauls. The 5"/38 and 40mm mounts shown were salvaged from other ships and installed in their approximate original locations. I don’t think she ever was armed with the 3"/50 slow fire gun shown, and the 5"/50 gun referrred to in the plaque was an obsolete WW I secondary battery gun on battleships and cruisers and not an anti-aircraft gun as implied.

Only a former Gunners Mate would notice such things. I do not mean to lessen your great thread by mentioning them.


The last time I was aboard the USS Lexington in 1970 she was still a commissioned ship based in Mobile, Alabama being used for training. My wife and I were given a tour from the bridge to the engine room by the Officer of the Day. Ray is correct in saying there were no guns in place at that time.

Great photos, Harrie. Thank you ! M. Rea

Maybe it was just that Harrie was there at a quiet time. When Me and Matt (DKConfiguration) went for a look round the USS Intrepid in New York it was packed full of visitors. We had to queue for quite a while to get in.

Texas has another capital ship, the battleship Texas, moored near Houston. It is going through a tough time, as corrosion has taken its toll, and water is leaking in faster than it can be pumped out. There were recently some temporary repairs made to keep it afloat, but there isn’t much funding available to get it repaired and out of the water as it should be. Its days are probably numbered. The Lex is not floating, and does not have that problem.

It is also distressing to hear about the U.S.S. Texas going to hell, condition wise. Well, what can I say. San Francisco had a chance to have the U.S.S. Missouri and turned it down cold. We live in different times.

Add to the list of sadly decaying ships the USS Olympia in Philadelphia.

I don’t recall seeing any photos from there, but Maybe Vlad will check that out for us.

The main battery guns are fake/dummy barrels, but I think most of the secondary guns are intact.

Diane Feinstein campaigned heavily to get the Missouri homeported in Frisco. When she lost her office, the idea faded quietly into obscurity. There was talk of building a new pier and all that would have gone with it for supporting a ship of that magnitude. We had our re-commissioning at pier 30-32 and spent as much time as we could there. Unfortunately, for Missouri today, she relies on a very limited budget and lots of volunteer work to keep up appearances. There were so many miles left in her, but the consumption of 30,000 to 50,000 gallons of MDF per day was just the beginning of a long list of reasons to put her away. We kept her in top condition. I could not begin to imagine the cost of dry-docking the Texas for repairs. It is a shame. I would have gladly done my entire 20 years on Missouri if I could have!

I remember well when the Missouri was in port, at piers 30-32, one of the few where a ship rests
horizontal to the Embarcadero, rather than pointed into the city. Just south of the Oakland-Bay Bridge.

Dianne Feinstein is about as left as they get, except I will give her credit in that she supports the military in virtually all things. She wanted the Missouri for SF, but when she went on to Congress, I could not say the idea just drifted into obscurity. There was much argument in the city, then the military-hating leftsts of the Board of Supervisors voted it down. The Board is even worse today. The only pleasure some of us got, although we miss the military presence, is that the military caught on that they were no longer welcome in what had been, when I was growing up, a conservative city that welcomed the military presence and what it brought to the economy of the city. When the base closures came, virtually every major military base in the San Francisco Bay Area was closed down. Presidio of San Francisco, Hamilton Air Force Base,
Forts Baker, Barry and Cronkite, the USNS Treasure Island, Mare Island Naval Station, Alamda Naval Station, Oakland Army Terminal, Oak Knoll Navy Hospital, USN Supply Center Oakland, Camp Parks, Fort Ord, etc. I am probably missing some. It was a huge hit on the economy of the Bay Area and beyond, and very well deserved.

John you forgot one military base closure in the SF area Giggling military reservation!


Well, I was in the Army, born and raised in the Bay Area, and even worked two years for the Army as a Civil Serveant. I have never heard of “Giggling Military Reservation.” Who, what, when, where and why?

John, it was Fort Ord: