USS LST 325 in Evansville,Indiana

This is the last functional ammo’n’tank carrier LST(Landing Ship,Tank) in existance.

Nice pics and good to know at least 1 lives on. I have coffee almost daily with a fellow who served as a helmsman on one, even present in Tokyo Bay for the surrender in September 1945. My Father-in-law was a PM2 on one at Normandy. They were busy little ships.

The single 40mm Bofors is rather unusual considering the Twin Bofors is probably the most common display gun in the US! There are easily a dozen at Patriots Point.

One of my old shipmates served a couple of years on an LST. He said it was the worst duty he had ever pulled. Those flat-bottomed hulls will roll while you’re tied up at a dock. Crews quarters were outboard of the big mid-ship storage bay which meant they rolled worse of all. A constant smell of diesel fuel from the vehicles. Sailors who served on them were some of the un-sung heroes of WWII.