USS Momsen dry docking ammo question

This is USS Momsen in a dry dock in Seattle What happens to all live ammo on board of such a large missile carrying vessel when it undergoes long maintenance? Is it removed and latter given to the same vessel or issued to other ships?

Before entering the yards for major work, we off-loaded all of our ammunition, including small arms. It was taken to the nearest depot immediately. I do not recall if we received the same ammo after the overhaul, though. It may have been put into the system, inspected, and distributed to another ship that needed it. I participated in quite a few off-loads, but cannot give you a proper answer.

Whenever we could, we shot it all up while still at sea “training.” The more we shot, the less we had to unload. Great incentive

Tankers have this same policy at the end of Gunneries.