USS Texas Battleship 14" projectile


Hello to all of you,

I am a new member and look forward to learning from all of you as I monitor this great forum!

I am the director of the 1st Infantry Division Museum in Wheaton, IL.

The USS Texas provided fire support for the landing at Omaha Beach which was led by the 1st Division. We would like to obtain one of the rounds from that gun. Is there a community of battleship projectile collectors I can contact? What do you think the chances are of finding one?


Keith Gill
Director Museum Operations
First Division Museum, Wheaton IL


You should try to contact the USS Texas museum itself. The battleship is on display at the San Jacinto Battlegounds State Park near Houston, Texas. Maybe they can help with a loan of artifacts to another museum? I know there are 14" projectiles displayed on and around the ship…