USSOCOM AeroShell AP Ammunition R&D

United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) R&D is looking at AP bullets that will NOT use a SABOT in order to reduce cost, allow use with suppressors and increase accuracy.

“Dubbed “aeroshell” projectiles, the Crane engineers want to build and test bullets with a tungsten penetrator jacketed in a polymer shell.”

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See a mention of Jim Sullivan in that article (below)
His latest AR underwent DELTA testing of 3 rifles with 20,000 rounds through each. Both full and semi-auto fire with NO, NONE, that is ZERO failures to feed or fire.
A 60,000 round test, not to bad?

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Do we have this presentation as a complete pdf somewhere?

I did quick search and could not find a link:-(

So did I before I had asked, same result…