USSR Barrel Test 7.62x39


7.62x39 USSR barrel test, headstamp 711/73, copper washed steel, lead core steel jacket wolf


I don’t understand “barrel test” can someone explain more about what this is?


The cartridges on the picture is ВД (Высокое Давление) cartridge - in English High Pressure Test. Used only at the weapons plants for testing barrels.


In the 7.62 x 39 there are two different “Proof” cartridges. The “Barrel Test” is used to test the unfinished barrel. The “Regular” proof is used to test the completed weapon.


Yes, you are right. The above mentioned cartridge has non-standard length and bullet. It is High Pressure Test cartridges for unfinished barrels. Other testing cartridge УЗ (Усиленный заряд) - Reinforced Load cartridge looks like Ball round (with exeption long bullet tip painting in a black colour) used for test complete weapons.