USSR produced .22 long rifle

I recently came across a few boxes of USSR commercial production .22 LR and was hoping to get some help identifying where it was produced, which country in the USSR, what factory, and any other information is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Ken

I believe this to be the arsenal or factory logo, but I am unfamiliar with it.

I believe this to be the lot number and possibly date of manufacture.

Average weight of 10 cartridges 53.5 grains/3.46 grams and average OAL of 1.003 inches/25.47mm

No headstamp.

P.S. translation via google translate and correction or confirmation would also be appreciated as google is not necessarily 100% accurate.

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The box logo looks like an electrical switch. That might help narrow the ammo producer list down a little.

This is LVE of Novosibirsk. Their military code is #188.

Your box is made in 1985.
The translation is correct except that it should not say “steel sleeve” but “steel case”.

Jon, you are right with the electric circuit logo, as LVE was named priorly “Novosibirsk Low Voltage Equipment Plant” as they also made some electrical appliances.

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I thought so too, I picked these up a few weeks ago at a small gun shop I frequent and did some digging but came up with nothing close to definitive.

I assumed the 85 was the date but I try to avoid assumptions, just as with the steel sleeve I knew it was referring to the cartridge case but was unsure if it was the correct translation or an error. I actually looked at LVE as they are a fairly common supplier of cheap steel cased ammunition in the US (Shooting Supplies International’s Wolf brand) but there logo has apparently changed, at least for what comes into the US as well as on there English language website, which also does not list any current .22 rimfire production.

Any idea if it is rare or common? I thought it was interesting and worth the $5 a box price.


The “JUNIOR” brand was very common here a few years ago, but I don’t recall ever seeing that packaging before.

Box variations shown here:

I never bought any Junior, was that LVE also? I remember seeing it occasionally at gun shows back when people were trying to sell bricks of the Federal HP for $75+ but I never tried it for whatever reason. The seller didn’t know anything about that ammo when I bought it, speculating it was Russian army ammo for the .22 trainers.

Is there any reason for the sharp bevel of the rim on these?

Its generally done to help prevent rim lock as far as I am aware. The link bdgreen provided shows the cartridges in an earlier box and they also appear to have the bevel.