UTM 2021 Catalog (Ultimate Training Munitions)

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Interesting! Thanks a lot!

The UTM bullets hurt a little bit more than FX does. I’ve seen some nasty little wounds when UTM hits unprotected thin skin, such as on fingers and neck, from nearby.

UTM still hasn’t training ammo in .300BLK. probably the market is too small.

.300 BLK ist still on it’s way up. Give them some time.

Brian - is there any way to put that catalog in some form that is easier to print out. I would like to have a file copy of the catalog, but the format on my computer just using the “click on” entry to it didn’t let me come up with any decent way to print it for future use.

Regardless - thanks for posting it. I see they have new items I wasn’t aware of. I have added a UTM round to my collection, that I can recall, in years. Of course, I don’t go to trade shows anymore, like I did when I was working, and I don’t have any police contacts anymore.