UTM & LERR Cartridges


What are these???

Supposedly fired from a M16 and a 9mm Glock


UTM = Ultimate Training Munitions
LERR = Low Energy Reduced Range
Training ammo.


UTM Worldwide website: utmworldwide.com/


We discussed this subject before.






They are as far from what you collect as east is from west !

Fuchs covers the 5.56 is depth…the developmental variations (differing metals) can drive you inventory control crazy. I have several factory sections in my collection

I don’t see my photo of the 5.56…here’s an older of the 9 m/m


Pepper, I dabble in 5.56 just a little. If I see a neat tip variation I buy it to display on the shelf next to my AR15. Don’t worry too much though. I only have about 20. =)

Also, EOD, thanks for the links to the other disscussion. Had I known what these were to even search for I would have done that first.

And thanks for all the great pics MissingSomething.


added photos of 9 m/m variations