UTM Man-Marker 5.56mm non-lethal trainer

This one is weird. It has a captive piston-like inner core, when I pull on the base, this piston comes out but then very actively is pulled back into the body of the cartridge, like by vacuum. It has “E” at the primer spot. What is it?


This is an older example of the UTM Target Bullet Round (TBR). Sort of hard to explain the complete design in just a few words, it may be better to view the web site: UTMWORLDWIDE.COM for full info.

My statement of this being an older example is in regards to the material used to make this cartridge. The two part case shown is of zinc construction with a 7 grain +/- aluminum bullet. In the examples that are current production the case segments are now made of aluninum as is the bullet.


worldwide.espacenet.com/publicat … cale=en_EP

As you can see, the rear primer is not actually a primer, but essentially a .22 RF blank, and the E is for Eley (if that’s not been changed). There is what amounts to a gun barrel inside the cartridge, in that the .22 fires a pellet down a tube to initiate a primer (which is actually of a very special construction). The primer propels the projectile. The telescoping case functions the special bolt. The system works quite well. In my extensive testing of the UTM system some years ago, there were some serious problems with projectiles sometimes sticking n the bore of an M16. Maybe that problem has been resolved by now.

Here is a picture (middle round) of a Man Marker Round (MMR) that I just posted over on the BOCN, also there is one on the Cartridge of the Month (Nov. 2006) cut by Paul Smith. The round SKSVLAD posted is the LERR (low energy reduced round). wolfgang


What is that bullet on the right?? ;) ;)


How much does this UTM ammo cost? It looks like a lot of different parts inserted here and there, it must cost a lot comparatively to Simmunition and alike. Especially fired in full auto.

There used to be a very similar product called N-Range for civilian use.
The N-Range did not use a man-marker, IIRC, but used an aluminum bullet for indoor target practice. I had a chance to test fire some handgun ammo at SHOT 2006.
The “range” was actually a hotel room across the road for the convention centre.
Somehow the two companies (UTM and N-Range) were affiliated, because I found some MG links lying around from when UTM was demonstrating their rounds through an M-249.

I recall thinking “What a great country, where you can fire a belt-fed full auto in the comfort of your own hotel room!” :)

I didn’t fire any in a hotel room but I did in an office, full auto, in an M16A2, into a trash can. They don’t make much noise.

Wow that was quick thank you very much for your help