Uxa 4,uxa 44, blank headstamps

Recently I acquired a lot that contained 10 boxes of 7.9(2)x57 surplus from a local auction house. The boxes were a mix, with 4 boxes being uxa 44 headstamps, 4 blank, one uxa 4, and one marked Ecuador. The 9 boxes of uxa 44, uxa 4, and blank were all packaged alike. There was nothing officially marked on the boxes. All the markings that there are can be seen in the picture.

However, looking at the rounds, they certainly speak of having the same origin.

The box from Ecuador seems to have different origins. Packed in a labeled box and in clips, not loose.

These are Czech cartridges ( primer with 4 crimps)


The cartridges with uxa headstamp and without headstamp were made in the late 40’s by Zbrojovka Brno, národní podnik, závod Vlašim, Czechoslovakia, and the other ones were made in 1954 for Ecuador by Fábrica Militar de Cartuchos “San Lorenzo”, Argentina.