Uzi Gal Sabot Carbine Exptl?

I just got one of these rounds that are purported to be GalTech experimentals, developed by Uziel Gal of Uzi SMG fame. Does anyone have an info source for these? I thought there was a thread here on them but I searched and nothing came up.

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Jon, if we only knew the caliber…

You are very nosy!
The case is standard .30 Carbine, sabot diameter is 7.63mm, and the projectile diameter is 5.68mm. The overall cartridge length is 52.07mm.

I am supposed to, no? I know, I su… :blush:

And to keep on:
Do we know the headstamp too?

norma us .30

Nickel primer.

White sabot.

Unjacketted steel bullet.

What does it smell like? :grin:

No PA?

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No PA color. Smells metallic

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Jon, several variants in .30 Carbine, .308 Win. and 7.62x39 came from the state of Uziel Gal (his company/residence address was located in 229 Red Haven Dr., North Wales, PA). I think many examples in hands of collectors were sold by J. R. Crittenden Schmitt, who purchased some from his state and also from the collection of a Ruger employee that worked with him in this project.



Thanks, but that’s not the whole story.
Some of us know the guy who sold COMPONENTS from the Gal estate to JRCS. I know nothing about a Ruger connection, but I do have some thoughts on how a number of the non-.30 Carbine “experimentals” became loaded examples.
I do know that some legit loaded .30 Carbine examples did get into circulation…one of which I’m pretty sure I have pictured above. I recall seeing an article or posting on the rounds someplace and I thought it was here. I did search and I couldn’t find any.

No known published information???

Seems to me Vic had something like this in one of his sales?


Yes. If one goes to Vic’s auction site and searches completed auctions for “uzi” three lots come up. One is similar to Jon’s but with a notched and different colored sabot. Another has very long tapered projectiles and a third has a sabot that looks very similar to a cream colored Remington product.