"V 50" 7.62x54R

I’m being told of a CWS cased 7.62x54R with the impressed headstamp “V 50”. Can anyone ID this for me and tell me if it’s common?

Municion.org has a headstamp with “upside-down V” 74 and it says “Probablemente, Krasnovodsky khymzavod (Krasnovodsk Chemical Plant). Marcaje exclusivamente para uso civil.”

An image says more than 1000 words.
“Municion” is known to be extreme incorrect in many things nor do we know right now what the hs looks like.

I haven’t seen a photo of the one being described to me, but he says it’s right side up and not inverted.

If V at 12 o’clock, 50 at 6 o’clock this is a Hungarian cartridge of Bakony Művek, Veszprém. Likely a pilot run, the same cartridge also exists with the usual 21 code. The examples I examined had been loaded with lead core light ball. Regards, r1

And extra rare even in Hungary. Have never seen this cartridge ever reported elsewhere. The M193- type load with the V 90 head stamp of Hungarian origin is much better known.

He said that it came with some Hungarian “21 50” ones, I didn’t think at the time that he meant the same can, but that makes sense. Great info. Thank you all very much.

Now I am even more curious to see an image of that hs…

I will probably see the gentleman in question tomorrow. I will try to get a pic or have him send me one.

You may convince him to give you 2 such cartridges then. :)