Vacuum packing cartridges

Anybody tried vacuum packing cartridges for shipping? Sending a bunch of cartridges, especially overseas, almost means having to wrap each one individually to keep them from rattling around.

Any reasons not to try it??


I’m just going through the process of returning with ammo to the land of OZ.
The two things they seem hung up on are the package CANNOT be heard to be rattling at all and that they must have full access to the package.
I would think that by vacuum sealing you are taking away the latter which would lead them to opening the vacuum seal and hence create a rattling sound.
It would probably be a good idea to run this past the Dangerous Goods rep from the airline or transport company as they have a standard check list for this type of transport and from my experience are more than helpfull.
It only took me five minutes to get the airline approval returned to me and one week for the local police (a requirement in Australia).
BTW who do you use to ship ammo overseas?

Ray-I have never tried vacuum packing, but I have shipped close to 1000 Inerted (bullets pulled, primer oiled) cartridges to England and Spain with NO problems on either end. I put each cartridge with its loose bullet in a 2 x 4 inch manilla coin envelope, all the data written on the outside (Cartridge name and bullet weight). I then pack 20 or so of these small envelopes in a 11x11 zip-lock bag. I can put 2 of these packages in a Flat Rate envelope. Nothing seems to rattle as they are packed tight. I also put a notice inside each zip-lock bag faciing out so it can be read through the bag that the contents are for study and are inert. A lot easier than wrapping each cartridge in foam or bubble wrap, plus the info on the envelope is a plus.

When I got into cartridge collecting seriously not long ago I suddenly realized why I had bothered to save all the empty divided cartridge boxes I had accumulated over the years of shooting. The Czechs used a very sturdy 20 round box with dividers that I’ll be using to return some cartridges loaned for photographs along with some spares out of my collection. Of course having interest in only one caliber is a plus.

Thanks for the replies.

Maynard, I guess I misled you. I meant shipping inert cartridges, not live rounds. Dealing with Customs on the inert stuff is hard enough - I don’t want to even think about live cartridges.

One reason I thought about vacuum packing is that the material is clear plastic and the contents would be visible. But, Govt employees being what they are, they would probably insist on opening it.

7.62, I have used empty cartridge boxes on occasion but they do get to be a little bulky if you are shipping more than 20 cartridges. And one size won’t fit all. The smaller cartridges will rattle unless you stuff some packing material around them.

Ron, I too have shipped hundreds of inert cartridges all over the globe, with no problems, until last year when I had one perfectly legal package returned as “NON ADMS”. The intended recipient (a Forum Member) was not too happy.

I suppose it’s back to the old way. I dig thru the dumpsters behind a local furniture store and can always find big sheets of very thin poly packing material which I cut into 6" squares for each cartridge.


I have Vacumed packed many cartridges for shipping, which works very well in my opinion and also for long term storage.