Vale Hirtenberger Patronenfabrik

AT the 2014 Defence Land Expo in Brisbane, Australia (22-27 Sept) I found the Hirtenberger Stand…alas, Only Mortar Shells and associated Ordnance are made by them now. From talking to the Austrian Rep. there, the HP firm stopped making SAA back in 2004, Dismantled/scrapped all its cartridge Plant, and changed over to making Mortar Bombs etc.

Seems that the Combined Dark Forces of the UN Arms and ammunition control regime and a resulting Bad market for SAA (HP made some of the Best 7,62, 9mm,& 5,56 ammo around, as well as Blanks, and a wide range of sporting Ammo…)… It now joins FNM of Portugal, and all the French National ammo makers in the Black hole of UN oblivion.

Doc AV

Hirtenberger stopped to produce SAA after it was bought by RUAG. This was merely a market clensing than action of the “Unable Nations”.

While the Austrian Hirtenberger factory stopped the production of small arms ammunition, in 2003 the Hirtenberger brand of sporting ammunition was acquired by RUAG Ammotec GmbH of Fürth, Germany and the product line was carried on. Since 2005 it was handled by RUAG Ammotec Austria GmbH, vormals Gustav Genschow ‘‘Nobel’’ Ges.m.b.H., but manufactured at Fürth (these are the Hirtenberger boxes marked “Made in Germany”). Starting this year this brand is now made by Norma.

Does anyone have examples of Hirtenberger brand 9 mm Parabellum cartridges made under RUAG’s ownership? At least some of this ammunition was made by MFS, but maybe there are other manufacturers involved.

Fede, I do not recall any HP headstamps in 9mmP that are RUAG products.


Lew, do you have any recent 9 mm cartridge with HP headstamp, brass primer and no primer sealant?

Here are two HP headstamps which I believe were made by RUAG.

Both are truncated cone softpoints


Morten - very nice. Thanks for sharing that picture.