Vale Jerry Pyle

I am not sure if this has already come to the attention of members, but I have received word this week from his wife Shirley, that Jerry Pyle of Knoxville Tennessee, passed away on April 15th. I suspect that Jerry was no longer an active IAA member, however I know that despite ill health Jerry retained a passion for firearms and ammunition collecting.
I began corresponding with Jerry in the early 90’s after placing an ad in the then ICCA Journal. Despite never having met, Jerry became a firm friend and my filing cabinet still bulges with his letters…he never joined the email/internet community. Jerry became more than just a trading partner and with the birth of my daughters he never failed in sending them a birthday card every year. This is why I collect.
Jerry was a veteran of the USMC and a former police officer. His funeral service was conducted with military honors.

Thanks for letting us know. You’re right, Jerry dropped out of the IAA 3 or 4 years ago. However, he is obviously remembered by a number of the members so I will include a few words in the next issue of the IAA Journal (Issue 498 is at the printers now so it will be in #499).
Chris P.