Value 7.92

Hey guys …
Digging through 30 years of stuff .I found a few boxes of 7.92. Kinda need a approx value.
2 boxes PMK iL, 1 PMK, 3 PMK -v trop, 1 SMK trop , 1SMK Lspur grun-rot 1SMK, 2 SMK 100-600-v,1 SMK 100-600, 1 SMK-v, 2 ls spur, 2 ss besch , 3 SME lang ,5 SME, 5ss,2 7.92x33.and 1box yugo tracer. Most of the boxes are in delicate but sound shape. Some of the sme was cleaned of rust.

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please show a picture of the 2x 7.92x33 boxes.

This is former German and Yugoslav ammunition: In Germany, starting with its creation (Gewehr 88), as well as in Yugoslavia it was called 7.9 mm. Sturmgewehr 44 also fired a 7.9 mm caliber cartridge.
“7.92” mm is a designation created in Czechoslovakia after 1918 for Czechoslovak products.
When German 7.9 mm ammunition is the subject, in my view using “7.92” is historically as wrong as calling it a “Mauser” development, comparable to calling every automatic pocket pistol “Browning” (as was once popular in Germany) or calling every revolver “Colt”.

im not good at posting pics ,but 1 is german white label blue stripe HS,hla 21 St 44. the other is in czech white blue stripe HS ak 4 St 45.
Hope this helps…
I was hoping to be at the PA show this weekend but have to work.

Could you post a photo of the smk trop ?? Thank you.

Dave please tell me the lot number of the hla 21 primer.I have until now Zdh.:30/40 1944 ad 465,ad 453,with powder 1944 mog 2-1-55g and 1944 ad 461 with powder 1944 mog 1-1,57 g.Do you have another box,please send me an e-mail with the pic.
Also I need the lot number from the SB box perhaps I miss this box in my collection and my book about the development and production of the 7,9 mm Kurzpatrone.