Value of .45 ACP from 1942


Could someone please give me the approximate value of this? They are 22 round SEALED boxes circa 1942. Thanks so much!


I’m sure the 22 round count is significant, but I think we need a bit more info to provide a quality answer. Any label? Have you seen any markings on the cartridges themselves? Condition?


I have seen 20-round boxes, 24-round boxes, and evena 42-round boxes made by Winchester on contract for England, and in Canada, as well as the more current 50-round boxes. A 22 round box would be sensible - three loaded 7-shot M1911 clips and an extra for one “up the spout,” (even though the US Military, anyway, always discouraged carrying the 1911 that way, the way God and John Browning intended it to be carried, cocked and locked) but have never seen it. We need a picture to identify this, or a complete description of the box - size, shape, every marking that appears on it, etc, headstamp of the cartridges if you care to open one of the boxes for the purposes of ID.

Sorry for the editorial. No, come to think of it, not sorry. The .45 M1911 in its various forms is my favorite pistol!


Never any need to double tap with a .45.


I’ll bet Stephanie meant 20 round boxes, in which case the boxes don’t generally have a great amount of collector value due to the large quantities of them that are still around. If indeed she meant 22 rounds, then I’d appreciate seeing a picture of one.

Speaking of odd boxes, and please excuse me for getting off topic, but has anyone seen the 50 round boxes of .22 Hornets that are labeled as 9 cartridges?