Value of some rare shotgun shells? (Aluminum 14 gauge, and some others)

I have an opportunity to buy several different rare shotgun shells tomorrow, and I’d like to know if anyone has any values on a few.

I’ve been told there will be an aluminum Winchester 14 gauge shell, as well as several other unknown paper 14 gauges. What should I expect to pay for these? Sorry for the lack of info, but I’m not looking for a very specific price range either, just a ballpark. In addition, apparently there will be a full set of a rare shotgun shell where the entire base unscrews from the hull for easy reloading? If I recall right, I was told they were all brass or possibly steel. These seem familiar, were they the Roper patent or am I wrong?

Sounds like Draper patent shells. for easy re-primimg

As to costs of the WRACo or Western aluminum (actually 20 ga but with a thick head) a large number of variations exist & so do the ranges of the worth. Common $3-$5