"Vampire Destroyer" ammunition

It was only a matter of time:

Vampire Destroyer Ammunition:

The manufacturer’s website has no online checkout method, and you have to just email him apparently. No photos of the actual cartridges appear online anywhere yet, but there is one seller on Gunbroker selling it in large lots, and the manufacturer’s suggested retail is $40 per box of 20rds. I will be buying some and I can’t wait to see what “genuine silver alloy bullets” entails. I’m thinking anything from truncated lead bullets with silver paint, to Winchester Silvertips with an aluminum tip in them or some such thing. Can’t wait!

i wouldent mind just haveing a box with no ammo. i’ll have to contact them.

And I thought Kids are not allowed to have guns…

Silver metal is not that expensive. scrap value its about $20 an ounce They can incorporate a few percent into an alloy.

By his description, looks like he is using about an 8.5lb wheel weight to 1.5lb silver bearing solder mix for his casting alloy. I’m getting a 22 brinell for a 9 to 1 mix in my cast bullets. Cheers, Bruce.

Thanks for that info Bruce. I wasn’t thinking of the silver-bearing solder component potential in cast bullets, but then I never really considered that to be something that would qualify as allowing one to class a projectile as a “silver bullet”. It’s a wonder what marketing can do, case in point being Hornady “Zombie Max” sales vs typical “Critical Defense” even though they are basically the same exact ammo.

DK, No, no, no!! One is GREEN tipped and the other is RED tipped. BIG difference!!:-) Just like I put a set of Hogue Black rubber grips on a S&W Model 36 for the wife for a B-Day present and she said it didn’t fit right, was ugly, etc. Found the EXACT same grips in Pink and now it’s great, fits good, etc. The color makes the difference, I tell ya. Unless you are color blind…:-) Cheers, Bruce

I finally received a photo of the actual cartridge / bullet. It looks to be high silver-content lead projectiles, with a possible coating. It is interesting to note the misplaced word of “might” in the label text, where it should be “night”: