Van Hee? M.E.N. 9mm


I know that most of the collectors who are interested in oddball 9mm cartridges have come across the one with the little pointed aluminum tip inside a typical copper HP bullet, and which is often labeled as a “Van Hee”. I picked one up in St Louis, and I also picked up a couple great posters with 9mm sections done by Reinhold Peschke.

On the poster there is this one which is labeled as “MEN versuch ca 1977” (which I take to mean MEN experimental from 1977), and the cartridge I have that is labeled as Van Hee does have a MEN headstamp. So these are the same I assume?

Is this round considered a penetrator? Was Van Hee a designer at MEN? I’ve heard his name thrown around before concerning this projectile, and also some other experimental rocket.


Paul Van Hee was an American who dabbled in ammunition design. He developed, in conjunction with the Spanish, some plastic rounds in 9mm and some in 9mm/45 made to use as cheap practice ammo in a .45 converted to their use by nothing more than a new barrel. He was a retired Army Reserve Officer, a BG I believe, and worked for some time for Cadillac Gauge Corp.

I got my 9mm that you picture from him, and he represented it as his design. I don’t know if it really was or not. He was a real salesman, and not beyond tossing the bull a little to enhance something. The round also exists in .45, I believe. I thought i had one in my collection, but cannot find it, so I may be wrong. Perhaps someone else can confirm or deny that it was made in the caliber as well as in 9mm Para.

I do not believe Paul Van Hee ever held any official position of any type with MEN of Germany.

John Moss


yes the same round exists in 45 acp


JP - Thank you. I had remembered the round being in an MEN case, which in the instance of my own specimen, was wrong. I found mine in my collection. It is loaded in a “W-W” case. So,
I can double-confirm that this bullet type was made in 9mm and .45 ACP.

John Moss


The .45acp version is shown here on page 10 as item #81: with a W-W headstamp.