Vanguard Outfitters V57-Prime 5.7x28


T6 Lvl II Vest Meat Setup

T6 Lvl II Vest Meat Shoot

T6 Lvl II Vest Meat Dis


Jay, thank you again!
Which 10mm do you mean? 10mm Auto?
And as you mentioned some calibers, is there no 5.56mm?


Yes 10mm Auto.

Yes we made a longer version of the S5 for the .223

5.7x28 and .223 use the same caliber bullets.


Again interesting!
Would you have an image of the 10mm for us?


I will have to look. So many prototype bullets pics got dumped into massive folders of thousands of pics. I take a great many pic.


[quote=“Lew”]Elite no longer lists this load on their website. Vanguard hung up the phone on me when I asked the guy who answered if they were Vanguard Outfitters. Sounds like some interesting things are going on!


No longer listed does not mean no longer manufactured. No longer listed does not allow him to rip off my design. Hell this bullet in in Matt’s book he sent me a copy of back 2011.



Yes but due to supply issues everyone has been dealing with the past 2 years when ever I had any supplys or capital for supplies it went to the 5.7x28 which is my bread and butter.
6.8 SPC,.308,6.5 Grendel and a few others. Here is a pic of the 6.8


[color=#0000FF]What type of performance specifications were you expecting to yield from the 6.8 rd.?[/color]


Act like a solid, then break up inside the target just like the T6 and other PFP rounds.