Does anyone have a better picture of a 6.5 x 55 headstamped VAPENSMIA ODIN 6.5 x 55? It was made by CBC of Brazil for a norwegian distributor named that way (c. 1992).


Hi Fede, isn’t that hs supposed to be “ODIN” not NIDO (it is upside-down wrt the VAPENSMIA) ? I believe that ODIN is a Trade name of VAPENSMIA.

I’m sorry but I cannot provide a better image as yours is the same image as the one that I have.



Brad, you are right, thanks. I read it wrong, correct name is Odin and Våpensmia A/S.

I have edited my previous post to avoid confusion.

Here is a picture of the box:


With thanks to Morten, here is a picture of a VAPENSMIA cartridge but in caliber 30-06.
This is a new 30-06 H/S and the ammo is in this case made by Norma.



René, thank you very much!

This is a Våpensmia A/S ammunition pricelist for 2011:


Fede - I can’t open this with my software. Is it actually a video, or a scan of a printed price list? If a scan, could you you send it to my email as an attachment? If a video, don’t bother. Since I print out all of this, and do not save it in my computer, a video is of no use to me.



Here’s a 6,5 mm Vapensmia together with some danish made 6,5x55 cases specifically made for the nordic target rifle market.



Soren, thank you very much!

John, it’s just a .pdf pricelist including 6.5 x 55, .308 and .30-06. There is another copy in this link:


fEDE - PERFECT! tHANK YOU. It will go in my foreign catalogs cabinet.