Variations on the 4.25mm Liliput



What, no armour-piercing or tracer? ;-)


Thanks Aaron.

Wish there was a way to differenciate this rounds as being made during the Erika pistol period (c. 1912-13 - 1926) or the Lilliput (1923 - 1929).


No, Tony, No tracer or APT. Believe it or not, though, there is a factory dummy. I have one in my collection. It has a FMJ Brass-jacketed bullet, brass case and empty primer pocket, the pocket having the normal Berdan anvil and two flash holes. Basically an unloaded round with no primer. It is clearly factory made and clearly was never loaded. No tampering at the case mouth or marks on the bullet (you can’t pull one of these with an inertia bullet puller - not nearly enough bullet weight even if you had a collect that would hold a round this small in diameter).

I have eight variations including the dummy, and they do not all seem to correspond to the seven shown on this thread, so evidently there are at least 10 or 11 variations in this caliber - maybe more. I have the “Erika”-marked box, but none marked specifically for the Lilliput.

Great and interesting picture Aaron, of a wonderful assortment of 4.25 mm rounds. Thanks for sharing it!


I assume that the ones with a Berdan-Bloem primer pocket should be the earliest ones.

Another variation of the holed case dummy also exist (coreless cu-ni bullet jacket & empty Berdan two-hole primer pocket). Some “inert replicas” were also offered by the french firm "Le Hussard”.

Cartridges were produced by the “Franz Pfannl Waffen und Munitionsfabrik” and Hirtenberger Patronen. I also have a picture of an old box marked “made in france” but looks like Hirtenberger.

Maurice Megret Cartouches also produced some of these cartridges.

Here is a nice picture I had taken a the Royal Palace, Bangkok: