Various Early .30-06 Armor Piercing (AP) Loadings, Questions and Information

That’s the M-1917 Clay bullet.
Another post on here notes the two variations it’s found in.

some early AP’s, left to right:

FA 18 experimental AP bullet with exposed blunt steel nose
FA 3 17 AP with Gardner bullet
FA 17 AP with Clay bullet
FA 18 AP with Clay bullet
FA 18 AP with Clay bullet

note the different height on the lead tips on the Clay bullets.
Of the FA 18 specimens, one has an uncrimped primer whereas the other has a crimped one

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René, thanks a lot!
Do cutaways of these exist?

Unfortunately not in my collection.
However in the 30-06 book from Chris Punnett, there are drawings on page 196 & 197

Thank you for the lead!
I understand you have shown more variations than are described in the book?

Good Morning Pete,

Many Thanks for your reply and Gr-8 picture. I Have over 700 Military 30-06 rounds that i purchased from Mr. John Scott. Made a display for our Cleveland Grays Armory Museum’s members to see. Will send the attachment. The display was also used as a back drop when one of our members talked about his experiences during the Battle of the Bulge.

Now, after seeing your picture, and a 2nd reading of Woodin’s book( besides paying more attention). I know that I do not have one; and, now i know what I’m dealing with. If you have any doubles or know of any available, Please tell me, as i am interested.

Totally Enjoy Reading Your Articles And Posts! Stay Well, joe

Military Cartridge Display.jpg


Thank you very much for your photos!

Howdy Joe
Thanks for the kind words & thanks & for yours and that WW II vets service, especially surviving the Battle of the Bulge.

No, sorry I don’t have any doubles, nor do I know who might have a extra.

The IAA journal provides free adverts in the back of the Journal and you can also put a free advert here in the Buy/Sell/Trade part of the forum. You just have to be an IAA member, which you probably are.

stay safe & keep your powder dry

Rene: Do both the FA 18 rounds have knurled cannelures? Mine has cannelure, primer crimp, and short lead tip. Jack

yes, the FA18‘s both have a knurled cannelure

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Could somebody ammend the title of this thread please?

1917 Clay FA/18, United States 1918 FA/18, Canada 1918 DA/18 with core 2mm back, 1938 Stepped HV with Aluminum in tip, FA/41 Armor Plate Test, DEN/42 AP, FA/49 AP, FA/54 Teflon. K


Kevin, great image, thanks a lot!
Could you clarify the M2 versions after the one with the aluminum tip filler?

Nice One Kevin, Many Thanks

All corrected. Wasn’t there an early “ringed Neck” AP ? K

Kevin, great, much appreciated!


do you mean these ?

On the left: M1 AP
On the right T1-E4 AP with segmented crimp

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Rene: I have a round like the one on the right headstamped FA 33 that I entered as “probably T1E4”; that is OK? Jack

yes, the one on the right is a FA33

Pete and Rene: thanks for the pictures and comments. Jack