Various shotshells for ID


Can someone help me with these shotshells?
Thank you!

  1. What is this? The head unscrews, what for?

  2. Any special reason for these metal mixture? It appears to be zinc.

  1. Are these commercial? Any timeframe? One steel, one brass.

  1. Any info on these is appreciated, they are all aluminium.

CAL 36


Hi Fernando !

Some answers :

  1. Whitney patent, US made.
  2. Yes it is galvanized Zinc. They use it because it is cheaper than brass
  3. French shotshells made in France after WWII because there was a shortage of shells. ATE means : Atelier de fabrication de Toulouse. It was a government manufacturer (they usually made 7.5 Mas, 8 Lebel, 9 para and so on).
    Exist also in 12 caliber.
  4. French rounds made by Societe Meridionale d’Industries.
    (and not Italian rounds made by Societa Metallurgica Italiena).
    Exist also in brass


Thanks Jean Pierre!
Can you tell me more about the Whitney cartridge?