Vasiliy Grazev has passed away

Today one of the most famous Russian constructors Vasiliy Grazev has passed away.
He was 81 years old. He has worked until last day in KBP.

Sorry for such a frivolous display of my ignorance (again), but who was Vasiliy Grazev and what did he do? And what is KBP?

Grazev and Shipunov has designed a lot of weapon systems known under title GSh… Mostly they are known by air-cannons GSh.
But they are also developed anti-tank missiles. Here is list of his contribution (not full):
23 mm twin barrel GSh-23L
23 mm six barrel air-cannon GSh-6-23M
100 mm cannon 2A70
30 mm auto cannon 2A42
30 mm air-cannon GSh-301
30 mm GSh-30
30 mm twin barrel
30 mm six barrel air-cannon
30 mm GSh-6-30K
7.62mm 4 barrel air machine-gun GShG
30 mm automatic grenade launcher AGS-30
43 mm grenade launcher GM-94
12,3 mm revolver Udar
9x19 mm pistol GSh-18
12,7 mm sniper rifle OSV-96
9x39 VSK-94
and many others including ammo for air-cannons.KBP is Tulskoe KB Priborostroeniya

VERY impressivelist of designs. May he RIP

Tula KPB is an independent arm of what used to be the Tula Arsenal in Russia, and they produce a WIDE variety of small arms and larger armaments; you can see part of their catalog at

Yuri - I am sorry for the passing of Mssr. Grazev. He was certainly one of the world’s great design engineers and the list of the arms he had a hand in developing is impressive, far mor than I had thought.

I believe that although KBP springs from the Tula Design Bureau that it now encompasses more than just Tula, including Izhevsk. Is that a correct statement? They list firearms in their catalog that were developed at Tula, but not made there in serial production.

He was indeed one of the great post-WW2 automatic weapon designers.

It has always struck me as odd that the “collectivist” USSR honoured its gun designers and design team leaders by including their names (or at least initials) in their aircraft gun designations, while the “individualist” USA has rarely done so since WW2. After all, who knows who designed the USA’s post-WW2 aircraft guns: the M39, M61, GAU-8/A or the GAU-12/U? I have no idea, and I’ve written books about them!

The Soviet Union gave medals and “honors” such as names on guns to designers instead of MONEY. American designers have and do receive FAR more disposable income than Soviets did or current Russian engineers do. Pick any one at random and compare the life styles of a typical US vs Russian weapons engineers.

When it comes to recognition or CASH most Americans prefer the FREEDOM which money in the bank can provide.

During my various trips to the Soviet Union I had the opportunity to meet MANY involved in this part of society. I never met anyone whose family owned 2 cars and that included factory and museum directors.

Many of them had a variety of medals and documents on their walls attesting to the honors which they had received. None had much money.

Russia has changed since the Soviet days.

Maybe our Russian friends can advise what changes have been effected in the pay scale.

During the Soviet days the BLACK MARKET was very healthy. THEY HAD MONEY- BUT very little which they could do with it. I met a black maket cigarette dealer who had a garage full of real ruble notes but even with these millions of rubles he could not buy a house , another car or even a motor bike without permission.

When it comes to your name on a gun or on money - well , you decide. I would rather see my name on a check. I prefer the large amounts.


I’d rather see my name on something. I have enough money to meet my modest requirements, and no interest in accumulating more just for the sake of it.

Good to have modest needs. You would make a fine socialist.
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