Vbr 9mm AP

Interesting video…watch them all.

youtube.com/watch?v=pQ4T5W4S … re=related

Interesting ammo too

Has anyone seen any of the actual ammunition???

What is the headstamp???

Well, found the website:


The company also sells a set of dummies, machined from a solid brass rod. This does show a headstamp, however:

Good luck getting any dummy cartridges. I have emailed them about 4 times over the past year, and the only response I ever got was a brief and vapid: “We have more dummy shells come soon”. But they didn’t say when, I never heard back, and have had no response to my most recent request from a month ago. Thier website doesn’t say they are out of stock, and they carry on as if they are in stock and ready to sell? Oh well.

I have a set of the dummies in my collection. Got them at St. Louis Show. Only the 7.9 pistol though. This stuff is interesting, but as DK has implied, I don’t think were going to see this stuff so readily, if at all. It doesn’t seem to be making any inroad, and the company is bad about correspondence. Of course, they probably answer police and other governmental agency requests quickly. They don’t seem to have any interest at all in the private sector sale - seems to be a “Police Only” operation.

Yeah the dummies are only in 7.92, which was their original creation, which they have the corresponding PDW weapon for (a modified STI pistol?, with rechambering for 7.92x24 and over-molded grips). They haven’t had much success apparently VS the 5.7x28 and the 4.6x30, and so they keep trying to diversify by first offering rechambering kits for popular pistols to switch over to 7.92x24, and now by offering .45 and 9mm AP.

Judging from the website it’s a very small company and they probably make them to order (when they can find the time).

The concept of the round is rather nice but I agree that the company should work on it’s presentation and marketing. I’ve seen this many times before with small companies: A good, perhaps brilliant idea gone to waste due too poor marketing and communication skills.

Let’s hope this nice piece of Flanders technology has a good future (and b.t.w they are looking for a US representative, any takers?).