Velet cartridge company 45 acp questions

Saw these at the gun show in an old timers booth kinda burried under other stuff and searched the internet and this seems to be my best chance of finding some info on them before I go back and pick them up.

Packaging is velET exploding bullets, packaging is similar to glasser safety slugs but there are 10 in the package and they go up the left side. Also has a flyer for the company folded up on the back of the package and stapled to it.

Question 1. Are these legal? I’m guessing yes since they don’t seem to be THAT old.

Question 2. Any idea on value?


Whether or not they are legal depends on where you live. They are a felony to possess - one felony count per cartridge, not package - in California, and I know they are illegal elsewhere as well. I don’t want to guess the law for other states, but there will be some New England States where they are illegal, I am sure, and probably Hawaii as well. All you can do is check your own state’s penal code.

The other states that Exploding bullets, or in Hawaii’s case, “fragmenting” bullets (which exploders are), are illegal in are: Hawaii, Iowa, Florida, and the District of Columbia. History will show that basically only California pursues this law with any vigor at all (as they do with all anti-gun or anti-ammo laws), and only slightly so at gun shows, etc… The D.o.C. is irrellevant since you basically cant do anything with a handgun there (funny how they have the nation’s worst gun crime), Hawaii is basically an anti-gun state altogether, but Florida and Iowa mostly only enforce these laws when criminals who are apprehended for other obvious reasons are found to be in possession of such cartridges (which they never are in possession of - these laws are pointless). I would wager that 75% of officers in Florida and Iowa don’t even know the anti-exploder law exists in those states. As far as value, I usually see boxes of 20 go for anywhere from $30 to $60 depending on type and condition. Some are more rare than others.

ok, thanks for the info, listed them on gunbroker since I have no use for them but figured that there were better odds of them going to someone who would appreciate them if they were listed on gunbroker instead of all the kids at the gunshow.

If anyone is interested in pics I can post some, or can just search for the auction.


Kolet-Yes, please post the pictures here. BTW, these date from the early 1980’s.

my guess would be more the mid/late 70’s for a date.

Just a hunch from reading the paperwork that came with it.



I have Velet expl. ammo originally packed in .32ACP, .38Sp., 9mmLuger and .30Carbine.

Best regards, Rob