Velex * valet * exammo *explosive bullet info needed!

I just got off the phone with the inventor of the velex,velet,exammo rounds H.Angel .

I saw a a article years ago on him and the history of velex .

I think it was Cartridges of the World ???

He really wants to see the article and I told him I would help if I could ?

Can anyone tell me what edition of Cartridges of the World its in or if I have the book wrong what book the artice is in …THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP !

I have every issue of “Cartridges of the World,” but could find no article specifically on Velet or Velex. Admittedly, I did not leaf thru each page of each edition, and they have a mediocre table of contents and a very poor index (in fact one issue seems to have no idex and after that one, the index is on of the cases types covered, not of any articles).

In “Manual of Pistol and Revolver Cartridges” (Handbuch der Pistolen- und Revolver-patronen), the combined edition, by Hans Erlmeier (shamefully not credited in this edition) and Jakob Brandt, there is a blurb on pages 642 and 643 about Velex, Velet (the name change) and Exammo.

I have nothing else comprehensive in my files - no actual articles at all.

Possibly one appeared in Gun Digest, of which I also have every issue, but no time right at the moment to go thru them all. If no one else answers this, I will try them when I have a chance.


Cobb, Let me know if you need a scan of the pages from the German book. It is half in English, so language is not problem. I can do it this evening if needed. Have a dentist appointment this afternoon. Been a busy day.

John M.

That would be great…way beyond the call of duty ! THANK YOU !