Velo dog?

I have a cartridge whose measures indicate that it is a 5.75 velo dog short,but headstamps ( B.B.) are in the center of the base like a rimfire cartridge.Is it a 5.57 velo dog short round or not?Thanks for your answers

Sounds like one of a series of Internally primed CF cartridges.

The “BB” hs found on these Internally Primed CF cartridges is believed to represent B. BOULANGER (which translates to ‘BAKER’), an ammunition manufacturer of Paris at the end of the 19th century.

These are primed similar to the Karcher priming method but without the distinctive lower case cannelure. There is a bored disc of 2 holes (rather than 5 for the Karcher) at the bottom of the case and this disc is used as anvil.

This hs is known on:

6mm Ball Short (poss an Adaptor cartridge) (FR91)
6mm Ball Long (poss an Adaptor cartridge) (FR92)
7 mm Canne Shot (FR93)
9 mm Canne Short Shot (FR94)
9 mm Canne Long Shot (FR95)

[Such a “BB” hs is also known on: 4 mm RF short (case length 6,6mm) ??
7mm Pinfire “BB 7”, 9mm Pinfire “BB 9”]

[Image courtesy of Chassepot]

Thank you very much,
My round seems like the second one from left in your photo

P.S. The 4 mm flobert short in my collection is 6.5 mm long

Sorry,i don’t know how posting images.When i will be able to do that I will post you the photos of my round

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So,if I understood you,my cartridge isn’t a velo dog short one but an adaptor cartridge for something else.According to you does it have some collector value or is a common item?

Thank you