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Just today I came across Velocity Tactics (aka “Fort Scott Munitions”) out of Fort Scott, Kansas. They sell a variety of gun & ammo related items, but their premier thing seems to be their “Fort Defense” line of ammo. It is all loaded on Starline brass, but the bullets are solid copper and have a very pointed ogive, something halfway between a French Arcane and a normal FMJ ball profile. The only place selling them seems to be Clark Armory, or the Velocty website direct. Doing a quick Google search I cam across an early proto-version of their .45acp projectile which had a plastic truncated tip, but this no longer appears on their website. The calibers offered are: .380, 9mm, .40S&W, .45acp, .223, and .300BLK. The .40S&W is not yet shown on the Velocity site, but Clark Armory shows it as coming soon. This brand of ammo has only been out for a few months it seems.

On the Velocity website, they still show some box images of their earlier name “Fort Scott”, but all of the current branding points to “Velocity Tactics” being the name - not really sure where they are at there, but I ordered some from Clark, so we’ll see. This is another in the long line of solid copper lathe turned projectiles coming out, this one being sort of similar to the OATH “Halo” rd, but more pointed, and with a stated purpose of being designed to tumble inside a target, with no mention of being an enhanced penetrator, which was my first thought when looking at it. They don’t state velocity for whatever reason, but the 9mm 80gr with that sort of profile should be around 1400 - 1500 fps. The 184gr .45acp should be a more typical 900 - 1000 fps. I find it very odd that a cartridge of this type, with the sort of marketing they are geared for is not loading their 9mm & .45acp at +P, or at least offering a +P version. Leads me to wonder if they tested, and if +P gets it a little too high on the penetration scale (Kevlar) - enough so to give them pause, lest they become known as “cop-killer” ammo or some such thing.



The early version of their .45acp:

Matt, here is a picture of the .45 ACP Velocity Slit Projectile box:

It’s curios that they appear to have trademarked the bullets as “solid copper spun”. The correct terminology for lathe manufactured projectiles would be “turned”. Spinning is an entirely different metalworking process.

I received some .380 and 9mm today. The .380 bullet is interestingly larger & heavier than the 9mm, but the profiles seem appropriate for both. The .380 bullet profile looks like it would load nicely in a .357sig as well. My guess is that the heavier rear portion of the bullet is what causes the tumbling advertised by the manufacturer. The headstamps are Starline.

I talked to the Fort Scott munitions reps at the Missouri Valley Arms Collectors gunshow at Kansas City a couple of weeks ago. I bought a box of 9mm sub-munition with 125 gr bullet. Comparing the outside appearance of the 125 and the 80 gr loads notes no difference. They also have limited edition aluminum boxes for most of their loads. They said they plan on their own headstamp soon using FSM.

They recently added 10mm to their lineup as well, about the same time that they added the 9mm subsonic that you mention. Their distribution is still abysmal for whatever reason, only found for sale on their site, and the Clark Armory website.

Fort Scott / Velocity Tactics now has a headstamp on 9mm: FSM. They told me that they plan to do FSM headstamps on all of their offered calibers eventually through 2017. I did notice that there is a prominent headstamp error that appears on this first batch of brass on around half of the headstamps, where the bottom of the S is plugged. The error is exactly the same on all of the cases which exhibit the error.

Still, after offering their solid copper projectile ammo for over 1 year, they have virtually no internet presence, with maybe one website other than their own selling the ammo, which seems strangely weak to me since they have attended the last 3 SHOT shows. I would have thought more buzz would have come about on ammo which looks like it could be for nothing other than defeating body armor at this point, unless that attribute is what is scaring vendors off? This, despite listing 161 different retail vendor locations on the store locator map at their website, which is oddly different than their retail portal at, as each site make no mention of the other site, but they are the same entity. Apparently none of those vendors other than 1 or maybe 2 are listing this ammo on their websites, or else they don’t have a website since Google returns almost nothing in terms of retail. Clark Armory told me a few months ago that they are no longer carrying this ammo (after having been the most prominent & obvious online retailer of it for over 6 months) with no reason given as to why.

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I just received an order from Fort Scott. They now package their ammo in 20 round tins. There are five different 9mm Luger tins offered, and two different loads. All the rounds have the new FSM headstamp, but the the Velocity Tactics people said that they will continue to offer this ammunition with Starline brass also, or that was my understanding.

One load is 146gr oaw
– Bullet 80gr
– Powder 5,3gr

Heavy Load is 190gr oaw
– Bullet 125gr
– Powder 4.5gr

The heavy load comes in two box styles, Both are marked 9MM SUB-MUNITION. One has a flag motif in blue, red and silver and says “MY LIFE MATTERS” on one side and “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” on the opposite side. The other box has a gray, black and silver pattern.

The light load comes in three box styles and none are marked SUB-MUNITION. One has the gray, black and silver finish. The second is red finished with wild game images on corners. The third is cream color with the flag and the Liberty Bell and is marked Limited Edition on the corners.

With all these special boxes I am beginning to feel more like a stamp collector than an ammunition collector!

Has anyone seen the rounds with the black plastic tips on them like the 45 ACPs illustrated in the original posting?

When Fort Scott first showed up, I called them and the person I talked led me to believe that the black tip rounds were made in both 9mm Luger and 45 ACP, but were never marketed.


fyi I don’t know a lot about this ammo but I bought a box today at Harrison gun and pawn. it is on the shelp and they have a gel display. olathe kansas. very nice owners,

A week or so ago we had a salesman come into the gun shop where I work part-time. I got a few samples of 9mm, .223, and .308. The 9mm is on Starline brass, the .223 on LC, and the .308 had a KINETIC headstamp. The guy was out of Kansas, and I got the idea that he was just hitting every shop he could find along the Atlantic Seaboard. I had the feeling that they wanted to market directly to gun/tactical outlets.

I bought some. Wonder how long their brass 223 solid load will be available.