Venom 9x19 ammo-steel case-Arrived

I recently picked up a box of Venom 9x19 made or marketed by Medef Defense Ltd, Nicosia, Mersin 10 Turkey. The hst is “20 9P VNM”. it is brass case and the box is identical to that shown below except it does not have the Metal Case Series on the box front!.

I just ran across this ad on the internet. The box shows steel case ammo that looks like a wolf cartridge, but the box shows brass case.

Has anyone encountered this ammo? Has anyone found it on the web as single boxes?
Does anyone, or anyones, want to share a case??? Or better yet, want to buy a case and sell me one box???


It is interesting that I found two more Turkish steel case 9x19 with brass colored cases.

Since there was no interest in this ammo, I bit the bullet and bought a case (10 boxes).

The brass case Venom round is headstamped “20 9P VNM”. It is quite interesting, to me, since it was made ay Medef Defense Ltd located in the Turkish portion of Cyprus.

The address (accents omited) on the box is:
Medef Defense Ltd,
2 Avenue No: 12
Alaykoy Organized Industrial Zone
Nicosia Mersin 10 Turkey

The steel case rounds come in an almost identical box except the address is apparently an apartment in Ankara:
Medef Defense Ltd,
Sagutozu Mah.,
Sagutozu Cad. Ablok Apt.
No:2 A/9 Cankaya, Ankara
There are paste-on overlabels like the METAL CASE SERIES on the front and a label on the black replacing “Brass Case” with “Metal Case”.

The cases are brass coated steel, not like the image in the ad in the top post. The shock came from the headstamp:
GROM PL 9x19
which came as a big surprise.

The only place I can find “GROM” is in a PPU ad for a new line of bullets" The ad says it means “Thunder” in Slovanian!

Any information or thoughts appreciated!


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Hi Lew,

Interesting! Thanks for sharing this information. Those are Polish cases by Wytwórnia Amunicji Grom and you can find them in different “Grom” brand boxes. They have the capability to manufacture cases themselves, but I suspect that in this case they ordered cases from Medef.

Previous thread about Polish “Grom” cartridges: (PL) Wytwórnia Amunicji GROM / Poland



Lew, indeed very interesting!

Were the GROM cases also steel???

Did you compare the Venom cases to those from MECA?


Thanks for the info!


The GROM cases were steel! The VNM cases are brass. I haven’t made any comparison but at first glance hey look like MECA. One possibility that has occurred to me is that these cases were made by MECA for a customer (undoubtedly GROM in Poland) but not delivered or were rejected for some reason and subsequently sold to Medef. The ammunition even looks like the ones in the GROM image so it could have been loaded ammo sold to Medef.

MECA also sells equipment, and I would not be suprised if Medef wasn’t using their equipment for their brass case ammunition. I haven not pulled down either round to see if it looks like MECA equipment was used to make it.


Lew, thanks for your observations.
In case you get any further with the GROM in the Medef boxes let us know.

I just received another box of Venom. The ad showed the steel case box but said it was brass case ammunition.

The box does contain brass case cartridges but dated 19 instead of 20 and the headstamp format is different from the previous box with the VNM code on the top of the headstamp instead of the bottom.

When I get a few minutes, I will post all three headstamps.


Here are the three headstamps:
Medef hsts