Vent Tubes, Percussion Large Mk111

I show a tin for Tubes, Vent Sealing Percussion Large Mk111.
Black painted tin, soldered tear-seal Dimensions: 173x75x23mm High.
Made by B&S (Bullpit & Sons) and re-packed in Sydney.

These tubes were used by the Navy in 15", 13.5", 12" MkX1 & X11, 4" MkV11 & V111 Guns.
Brass case blackened all over. 0.5" at mouth, 0.525" at base and 2.185" (55.5mm) long.
Note that lot 232 matches this tin and is a converted Mk11 case to a Mk111.
I do not know why the label has the 10 blacked out and 4 stencilled unless only a part tin?
Mk11 tubes had perforated powder pellets . Mk111 had solid powder pellets. 4 rim notches.
Unfortunately the date part on the label is too hard to read. Possibly 1930’s?

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Great items Ron, thanks for sharing.

indeed, very interesting


These were also used in Land Service for Coastal Artillery. In the UK this was the Coastal Regiments of the Royal Artillery, using in the main Naval weapons and stores.
B.L 6-inch, Mark XXI gun,
B.L. 15-inch gun
Latter – B.L. 9.2-inch gun

There was also a brief usage in Railway mountings -
B.L. 18-inch howitzer
B.L. 14-inch gun

The percussion tubes were normally used as an emergency device when electrical firing fails.

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